Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Making the paint stick

Walt: be a scientist
Ask questions
Experiment or test
Observe what happens
Make conclusions
Share my findings

Task: make a comic life
         With your group to share
           About your experiment.

The garden

The plants are smooth and silky. The leaves feel like ruber. They smell spicy. It looks sharp but it's achily smooth. It smells like likrish. The leaves are pointy like a pointy sword. They feel soft and they smell yummy. The plants felt as soft as a pillow. The branches look like crakes in the clouds. The tree made me thingk of Halloween!!! It was like a magical palice that hit my eyes.we were sdumbling all the way there. The branches on the tree looked like striking lightning!!! There were honey sukels that had honey in them.

Task: write a story to tell someone about our garden.
Walt: describe.
What reminds us of
What it looks like,feels like,tasts like,smells like,sounds like
Show not tell
Use words that help build a picture