Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Writing sample

Hi I am max the skeleton detective I look for skeletons and find out what that skeletons identity is. Today I found a skeleton I better find out who owns it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in a cave and searching for clues... FOOTPRINTS!!!!!!!!!!! I found footprints! That lead to the place I found the skeleton at I must of not Sean them when I grabbed the skeleton the footprints look like my uncles footprints and I know someone with th same footprints as him and the name is MOKO POKO he is evil! So I have to Cath him now... 5 SECONDS LATER...alright I'm at his school... I know he's only 14 I guess he murderd the skeleton!!!!!!! I to find him now! 8 SECONDS LATER... There he is. Hey did you murder a skeleton! I shouted as loud as I can he said no and that's all he said. unusaull he must be the murderer. Hmmmm I stroked my chin butt then I saw him putting a skeleton Ito his car! He did murder the skeleton so I called detective shrawan. And I saw MOKO POKO holding a knife! He definitely murderd it! He sole it while I wasn't looking so I quickly called the cops... By by MOKO POKO! I shouted and to jail he went. Butt I still haven't found out who the skeleton belongs to... 10 HOURS LATER... I can't believe i found out who the skeleton belongs to! It was MOKO POKO's dad! Crazy right!! He murderd his own father! Well at least I found out who it belongs to. So now everything is back to normal. 

By max bary
What do need to improve on your writing and why? Capitol letters because I forget about capital letters           At the start of new sentices

How can adults help you with this goal? They could remind me if I forget to do those things.

“Writing Sample”

Purpose: To share our writing goals with our parents and evaluate how well we did so we can improve. Our parents can then help us at home.



  • Choose your favourite story so far from this term
  • Reread to make sure it makes sense, does it match my walt?
  • Do some more writing to finish
  • Fix up spelling, paragraphs, capital letters so that it’s ready for a reader
  • Get a buddy to read it
  • Publish writing (do a good copy of it)
  • Get an adult to check it.
  • Put it on your blog

  • Copy and paste title, purpose, task
  • What is your writing goal?
  • Put a target on your goal for this term:  💪

Generating Ideas

  • thinking, planning, brainstorming, building 

Organising Ideas

  • thinking, mapping, sifting, sorting, re-wording 


  • adding detail, language features, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, both technical and precise.👻


  • simple, short, long, complex, compound, variety, connectives, adverbial, adjectival. 


reading, re-reading, re-crafting, adding punctuation, adding, taking away, seeking feedback.

Favourite sentence: FOOTPRINTS! I found footprints! Because it really sounds real and like I'm really excited.

What challenged you the most and why? Trying to make it interesting because I'm not very good at it.

Which value or Key Competency did you find the easiest?  Why? 

  • managing-self, 
  • striving for excellence, 
  • participating & contributing or 
  • leadership & initiative

Which value or Key Competency you did find the hardest?  Why? 

  • managing-self, 
  • striving for excellence, 
  • participating & contributing or 
  • leadership & initiative